Game 1 Metric Sims:

So this is kinda hard to predict because you don’t have to win this week to win the round. For the second season in a row the AFL will use aggregate scoring to determine who makes it to Arena Bowl 32. Yeah, you have seen this in soccer. If OT is needed in Game 1 you still treat it the same as a regular season game. Albany, the league’s top team is home to start mainly because how the schedule sets up at Times Union right now. If we see upsets in both matchups, Philly will “host” AB32 in Atlantic City. Got it? Perfect.

We added a little more than your standard 3 points for home field advantage to try and account for a team pushing hard in their home part of these matchups. HFA of 5 was factored into this sims formula.

ALB by 9
WAS by 3.5

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